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Decorating Tricky Corners

No matter how well you decorate your home, there's bound to be at least one awkward corner or alcove. According to Forbes magazine, these unused areas are particularly common in historic homes or new houses that emphasize upscale finishing. While these corners can look charming in some cases, they're usually connected to larger rooms, which is what tends to make them appear so misplaced.

Don't let these tricky nooks disrupt the flow of your house. Try enhancing them with a couple of these design ideas that make your corners appear less out of place and more stylish. 

1. Distract with floor-based decor
You may have a tiny corner in your entryway or living room that sticks out because it's bare and undecorated. This is frequently the case in vintage home designs, as they're often filled with antique knick-knacks and accessories, making empty nooks obvious. To fix this problem, Apartment Therapy recommends decorating the area with a floor plant. The simple addition can easily fill up a bare space with color and texture. Similarly, a floor light will fit perfectly in tight corners that can't accommodate anything too wide. 

2. Create extra seating
For larger unfilled corners in your kitchen or bedroom, create a charming seating space for guests. If there's enough room, look for a round console table where you and your visitors can sit and chat while the children eat at the kitchen table. Although rectangular consoles tables also work in compact corners, they don't seat as many people. 

In the bedroom, try setting up an accent chair in your nook. Play with colors and textures to give your personal space the extra flair it needs to feel homier. Introducing a chair to your awkward corner can also create a cozy reading spot, especially if you place a floor lamp behind your accent for added light. 

3. Establish storage solutions
In particularly tight corners, shelving provides a surface to put any items that you couldn't fit on your coffee table or your bedroom dresser. For example, install a couple of shelves on your awkward space's walls and display your family photos or a set of scented candles. For rooms like the bathroom, your convenient shelving can be used for towels or toiletries as well.